NZ Mtb Downhill Cup 2012, Round 4, Rotorua, New Zealand

So we have just done out first race of 2012 and first race in New Zealand. I finished 17th place in men's open and Aaron had some bad luck and crashed in the final.
It's been a very steep learning curve for us, luckily one of our biggest worries with the cold weather turned out to be a non issue. Sure its not as warm as we would like it to be but it's not killing us tropical boys either.


The race weekends here are run a bit differently to what we are used to back home, with only one day of practice and straight into racing the next day. With a track as high speed and full on as Rotorua it was obvious that knowing the track inside out would be a huge advantage. This was evident with many of the local riders taking podium spots in most of the categories.

Nothing in Malaysia has really prepared us for the tracks here, but then again that's why we are here to learn. Besides being high speed and rough, they are technical too, not in the same way we are used to back home tho. Things like having to set up for a particular corner 4 corners before you get to it, just so you can get a wide line and carry speed through it.

All and all we had a great time and are looking forward to the next round in Wellington. In the mean time check out the video we put together from the race.
Till next time!


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