Adam Faroze At Japan National Series #4, Winghills

First race in Japan, did not qualify! Only top 30 from seeding qualify for the finals, ended up 32nd in seeding. Disappointed for sure but will be back in Japan to race again, really great racing and great people here.

Track walk with Hiroyuki Nakagawa

Got to meet Takashi Tsukamoto today, pretty crazy being able to meet him, knew of him as a rider when I was just a grom. I know our past Malaysian national riders Adi and Fadzlee have races against him when he was the top Japanese rider in the early 2000s. Whats even better is he is now the Banshee importer for Japan, he was gracious enough to let me use their tent and their mechanic worked on my bike.

Thanks for the awesome pictures, Hiroyuki Nakagawa!

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