#TheGrumpyCyclistRacingBali | APDHC 2014 BALI

The Grumpy Cyclist Fakawi Banshee Team raced the Patrol MTB Track down in Bukit Tengah, Klungkung, BALI last weekend (7-9 Nov)!


Super Fun track! Really cool people and we will definitely be back. The team did not fare too well with injuries sustained during the week practicing. Took the team a bit longer to learn how to ride this track. Red had a silly off, Razman a flat and Aaron racing with a badly swollen heel... It was however a really good experience and we definitely will be my better prepared for 2015! Bring it on! key words: Super Loose Lean&wait and dusty as hell!

Big Thanks again to our Sponsors The Grumpy Cyclist Cafe in Taman Tun, Kuala Lumpur, Fakawibikes.com, Banshee Bikes, FJC Clothing, RHC Components, Panic Resources and also thanks for the support from Greenbike Shop in Sri Petaling and Cycleism in Melawati.

Shot entirely on Go Pro.

picture by Damian Gerard

Pic by Simon Yeong


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