Adam Faroze racing at Narvacan MTB Challenge 2015

May 23-24, 2015 @ Noah, Narvacan Ilocos Sur:

Finished 3rd at the Narvacan Mountainbike (DH) Challenge 2015 behind the Philippines national champ and Asian champs bronze medalist. Pretty stoked with the result. Track was blown out and had to stay smooth to have a good time. Awesome event at Narvacan bike park. Looking forward to coming back in December. Fak yeah racing. #‎dontquityourdayjob‬


>>Enjoy the pics and Video below!

Loose dirt at every corner

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Chief said even though I made the poduim, no race video = no pick up from airport. So here. Can't really see from the video but spent most of the time hanging off the back wheel surfing down the track. Was a wild ride!

Posted by Adam Faroze on Saturday, 23 May 2015

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