Malaysia DH National Champs 2012, Dungun

Ok now that national championships are over, let's clear a few things up before everyone starts talking. Sure if you would have talked to me a week ago things would have been different but being here at the race and seeing from a different perspective helped a lot.

First of all I think its great that national champs were held, its good for everyone, uci points available, not needed to go all the way for Asian Continental Championships to get uci points. Its good for everyone. Sure there were some issues with the race not being advertised, race organisers aren't that experienced so can't blame them. The race was actually confirmed and known about 2 months ago but the news was spread through the government sports councils. Reason I didn't know about along with many others is because we aren't involved with sports councils, yes not an ideal situation but its how it is.

-Part of the 'dh track' the track goes uphill on mud. Awesome.

The race track was a good effort I must say, yes the weather wasn't on our side and made it a bit muddy on the pedaling. Again good honest effort from the organizers, lovely to see very enthusiastic trail builders trying their best. Sure more experienced trail builders could have been consulted but its a matter of money too. Yes they could have built it on a higher hill south of Dungun, but that is jaguar country along with being a 'hard' place.

-50 bucks a night hotel room and the aircond is cold. Lucky.

Exactly what the east coast is about, horizon to horizon of beach.

As for the commissaires, they did a good job too, with the lack of a well known 'by the book' commissaire, things were good. Can't blame them either, sure ideal case they should have come weeks before to check the track, but again these people have normal jobs, with no budget to come earlier for an inspection, they are just doing their jobs. They were accommodating and everything ran smoothly.

Sure anyone can sit on the other side of the fence and critique our national cycling body all day, but I do urge you to understand what is actually going and how the system works before you go shouting your head off. Yes its not an ideal system, but its what we have. MDHSS was great while it lasted but at the end of the day loads sat by the sidelines and talked bad about it. My advice, before you go waste some space on the internet, go out and build some trails or organise a grassroots race, anything that puts that negative energy into something positive instead. The system isn't perfect, but let's focus on trying to move things forward past that all.

Finally on a different note I'd like to thanks all my sponsors and friends, ones that I train with back home, in the gym, out riding. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you guys, the result is tied to one person along, but its from the combined effort and support from many others behind the scenes and sometimes unseen. One more months to Asian Champs, 4th today wasn't a total failure given the track but let's be honest, no one ever trains to come anything but top spot. Till next time guys!


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