Chiangmai Downhill Challenge/CDC 2012

Just last weekend, Team DVteq Fakawi left for Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Chiang Mai Downhill Challenge at Mae-On, Chiang Mai.
Adam had to miss the race because we flew off just as he touched down from his long flight from Lebanon. Robby, Allen and Chiefy from FakawiBikes went along for the race with Roslee Blur and Wan Blitz in tow. Our team manager Rizal however, could not tear himself from his office desk.. No worries, we made sure his presence was there - check the race video to see why!

The track was pretty steep compared to the other tracks that I've raced on, some sections got me really far behind the bike trying to make sure I didn't go over the bars. The track did challenge almost all skills, there were berms, steep rocky and rooty chutes and a few descent sized jumps along the way with a 30 foot long step up gap jump which properly sent you far! The track conditions were mostly dry through out the whole weekend and got a bit dusty on race day.

Aaron racing in Muay Thai boxer shorts

I signed up for the elite category, racing alongside Steve Peat and Brook Macdonald.

I seeded 7th in Men's Elite category with one mistake and barely any pedaling and figured i could squeeze another good 10 seconds to put me on the podium for finals. Did my seeding run very conservatively trying not to crash. The track was rather long but fast so one mistake and you would lose a lot of time gaining back that momentum. My final run was perfect right up till a flat corner on the middle section. The flat corner was right after a steep rocky chute and I came in too hot and completely lost the front and washed out of the corner. Got back on my bike but lost a good 15 seconds trying to get out of the ditch. Ended up with a 7th place in Men's Elite. Better luck next time!

The next day we did some big mountain riding in Doi - Suthep with an elevation of about 1500m. First time riding down a mountain that huge - about 13-14km of just bombing downhill. My fingers got a little swollen from all the vibrations but all in good fun! I really recommend all you gravity-junkies out there to go check out the downhill riding in Chiang Mai and hook up with X-Biking, Chiang Mai for local mountain bike tours of the mountain.

Till next time,

Aaron Chan

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