UCI Asian Continental Championships 2012, Baskinta, Lebanon

Apologies for the lateness of this communiqué, I wasn't in a great state of mind over the past few weeks. I have a few things on my mind that I would like to share with you guys, things that sicken me, the sad state of what Malaysian cycling is in.

First of all, I have to thank the Japanese dh riders and their mechanic, allowing me to tag along with them for the dh. Their mechanic saved my ass, my rear wheel blew up on final practice just before my final run and he didn't hesitate to help me put it right. Japan, the Asian dream team, they won every single gold medal at ACC this year, gold in mens downhill, gold for mens junior xc, gold for mens elite xc, gold for womens elite xc. Props guys! Another shout out is to Hong Chun from Singapore who got his first medal and a silver at that, there racing alone totally unsupported. Nice one man.

To clear things up my trip to ACC was self funded, meaning Malaysia didn't pay a single cent. Team sponsors footed the bill and I'm extremely thankful for that as I turned out to be my best result internationally, so close yet so far, at least I'm driven to get to the next step up for next year. In MNCF's defense, I only came 4th place in the national championships dh pedal fest race, so that's its fine I had to fund my own way there. What isn't fine is that the rider who won national championships wasn't sent, Shahriel Haizat. What's with that?

Sure, xc is an olympic sport etc etc etc, riders who won national champs in Malaysia were paid to go for the ACC. Fair enough. What isn't fair is Malaysian Dh riders have had a better track record at ACC than the xc riders, Shahriel getting an impressive 4th place in korea in 2010, we are ever so close to a medal. No disrespect to the xc boys, they don't have much support from MNCF either, it's just that on paper, purely from a results and stats point of view, MNCF obviously don't care about medals when there is one waiting there in the dh.

Now for the EXTREMELY BAD, I wish I was making this up as it would help me sleep better at night if it was a lie and not the truth. There was a meeting during ACC which was attended by many senior officials from each country, what MNCF did was amazing to say the least. First of all, MNCF sent the athletes on a two stop flight from Malaysia to Lebanon, kl-Bangkok, Bangkok-abu dhabi, abu Dhabi-beirut. Whilst the officials who went for this meeting on Friday and didn't even stay for the race over the weekend flew kl-abu Dhabi, and joined us for the abu Dhabi- Beirut flight. Why? because our one extra flight saved a few hundred ringgit, but here is the best bit, because it was our national carrier, we had to pay 90 ringgit per kilo of overweight baggage, came up to about 3k ringgit in overweight just because the flight was a few hundred ringgit cheaper.

And it gets better, the two officials that went for the meeting did nothing to help the riders are were there as tourists. These two officials were made up of one senior official, a fat cat, so fair enough you have to go for the meeting, but no, didn't want to go alone so made a junior member of MNCF go along with him for the trip, just because. Through their whole time in Lebanon, most was spent down in Beirut shopping and sight seeing, so they spend a huge amount of money so this fat cat could go on a holiday, didn't contribute anything to the riders and flew off before the race even started.

So answer me MNCF, you always say lack of funds. You can send two officials for one meeting but you can't even send the rider who won our national championships. NO, YOU DON'T HAVE A LACK OF FUNDS, YOU LACK ANY FORM OF PASSION OR CARE TOWARDS THE SPORT OF CYCLING.

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