KLMBH #221, Alam Budiman

It seem that the hares of the Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Hash for the month of February have slaved through the Chinese New Year to recce and plan a perfect ride for us this month.

And plan they did.. right on Chapgoh Meh day, Huang Ying How and co-hares presented not 2 but 3  loops for riders to bash through with an extra Kiddy loop thrown in to the usual long and short rides. Kiddy pinners who showed up in large numbers were treated to their very own loop.

I opted to ride the scenic route as usual so I can take it easy filming and photographing the riders as I took in the beautiful trails at Alam Budiman, Shah Alam.

This hash has been pretty unforgettable because it included a sweet bike trail built by the local mountain biking community here. The trail starts off somewhere from the side of a narrow kampung road and it climbs and rolls through the pockets of secondary jungle in that area that has escaped the housing developers.

The trail has everything for the avid biker, with rooty sections, challenging climbs and a few fast flowy downhill sections at the end.

The short scenic loop also took us to the famous Altantuya hill, the scene of a  grisly murder incident that occurred a few years back. 

Riders who know will normally stop there to look for bits of human bones to bring back as souvenirs. I got lucky and found a piece of rib.

I had a blast at the bash.


Helmets off to the hares. Huang's bashes are usually planned to the last fork and switchback and have never failed to bring a smile to this basher's face.

On! On!

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