EVOC pick-up truck trail gate protector pad

My pickup truck has been a real workhorse when it comes to shuttling the downhill team up for the DH runs and was getting pretty banged up in the tailgate area.

So before the riders bring down the re-sale value of my truck further, I got myself a new EVOC truck tailgate protector pad from the X-biking guys in Thailand.
I tried fitting it out to the Triton for the first time today and I was surprised how easy it was to put on. Those of you who hate strapping on those straps and hooks on portable boot-mounted bike racks will know what a hassle it is to mount bike racks then mount bikes on before every ride. For this pad, it only takes a minute or so to drape the thing over the truck gate, pulling the hook+strap under the opened gate and then hooking and tightening the three straps behind the straps.

dented truck tailgate!! And starting to rust too!

makes a good cat mat: The size is about two tabby cats length, comes with 3 straps. Fits our Asian sized mini pick-up trucks. It comes in Large American sizes too.

smooth tarpaulin material with added padding on the top where all the bikes

beautiful anodised rust-proof alloy hook/buckle

Helpful neighbourhood bike geek cat: velcro under flap to access truck tailgate handle

Strap goes under..

hook to the loops...

..tighten the straps and that's it!

flap to access the handle!


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