Cycling Evolution Magazine

Just got my greasy hands on the newest biking magazine to hit our newsstands here in Malaysia.

A quick check on page 24 revealed that this new rag was founded by ex-Cycling Malaysia magazine founder Kelvin Hoh. He is no stranger in the Malaysian cycling scene. Kelvin is known for his one-man-show biking reporting team and can be found in almost every bike event sniping at fashionable riders with his SLR camera.


The rag is published by Silver Lining Media S/B in Selangor.  A lot of familiar biking heroes in the local riding scene could be found in the magazine team section contributing articles to the magazine: riders like Lim "LimMeanMachine" Yew Meng, and Kevin Han of Bicycle Buy Sell fame.

Volume 1, Issue 1 y'all!


Thumbing through this 128 page glossy issue, I must say that I am pretty damn impressed with it's content.

Maybe it's because the articles from MTB related events and component reviews outnumber the lycra roadie ones... but yeah, there are news coverage for almost anything biking related.. mtb jamborees, roadie races and even a Danny Feng interview in the last few pages. Nothing for the closet foldie fetish riders in this issue though.

Some FakawiTribe members will be secretly thrilled to find their faces in this inaugural issue as well..

Check these guys out!

FakawiBikes team rider Aaron Chan riding a Banshee Legend... with leftsided drivetrain y'all! And our very own Uncle Bully strong-armed his way into this issue 1 with this beautiful pose.. Don't ask me how.

Even the Singaporean weekend visitors were not spared!

And whaddya know! There's even a local Mint Sauce equivalent on page 56.. Hope it gets featured on a regular basis and let's hope the character rides mountain bikes.

The biking scene is fast evolving and with a name like Cycling Evolution, we hope this magazine grabs its share of readership from biking mutants and bike nuts like us.

Hit em up at facebook/cyclingevolutionmagazine .. At only rm13 a copy, just go get your own!




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