Bukit Kiara Trail History

Phil's KL Biking Movie - Part 6

The second part of the history of the Kiara mountain biking scene, starting from 2004. Written and narrated by Pat Brunsdon & Phil Bee.

This segment details the trailwork and maintenance required to keep the tracks under repair, the many jumps, bridges and other constructions, and also the history of the "Wasteland" trail, accessing the main part of the hill from Sri Hartamas.

With Kiara under pressure on all sides from urban development, progress has been made in formal recognition, and protection of the forest. The TRAKS organisation was also founded to help trail users have a collective voice, and to express their wish to preserve the trail network.

The story brings us to January 2012 with the construction of the park boundary fences - a good thing for protection from development, but at the same time cutting off trail access and limiting movement of wildlife. The ongoing threat of development immediately outside of the park boundary continues.

Credit is due to Fakawitribe.com for screenshots of their website, and use of part of their video on construction of the Magic Carpet re-routed trail.


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