2nd MARCH 2014 (brought to you by FakawiBanshee/Hah-Go/GoEnduro/FTW)

So last Tuesday while chatting on one of the riding groups on What’s App, Zure suddenly comes out with: “Let’s do a race. Timetrial…”, “This Sunday!”. In my mind… “Gila ke apa?”

Within minutes, GrassRoots Enduro Time Trial was born. No Fees, No Fuss, No Prizes (initially) and No Complaints! Nan Bully immediately offered RM100 to the winner and that eventually included prizes from GoEnduro and FTW.

The Race:
Stage #3 Track (Twin Peaks -> TNT-> Dirty Deeds)
Sunday, 2nd March 2014
9am – 11am
34 Registered Participants; 4 DNS

Nan Bully leading the Briefing.

Race Briefing, led by Nan Bully started at 9:30 sharp where the basic rules were delivered and reminding everyone that it’s a FUN race. The group then proceeded to the starting line at the top of Twin Peaks and the wait begins. They had about 30 mins to haul their ass up Twin Peaks and one minute intervals and the Stage#3 track awaits.

Conditions were not the best. KL is at the moment in some sort of a water shortage/rationing due to the “Global Warming Induced” dry spell. The track was covered with dry leaves making it sketchy as. Nevertheless… everyone was eager to give it their best. It was tricky all the way down and a clean run would give you a good result. A number of experienced Kiara regulars crashed but luckily escaped with just bruises.
At the end, it was bloody good fun racing and riding with the boys and meeting new people. Such is Mtb racing.

Nasrin our Timer at the top. Digital Yo!

Unofficial Results Announced immediately after the race:
1st Aaron Chan
2nd Zure Mashar
3rd Mie Peaty

There has been a change to the above. The new results follows. We kinda screwed up the calculations… It was all manual and we mountainbikers cant count really. Sorry Aaron, Hehehe… :P We do apologize to everyone for this. Here are the official results:

Champion: Zure Mashar (Team FTW)
2nd Place: Aaron Chan (Team FakawiBanshee)
3rd Place: Red (Team FakawiBanshee)
3rd Last Placing:
Akmal Hafiz (wins Rm50 from Hah-Go - Nan Bully)


Some pictures of the race courtesy of Fadzal Che Ghani and Nan Bully:

Race Plates. We went Green and recycled!

Syncing Time by Marshals. Red, Nan Bully, Amin, Nasrin & Zure

The Racing Kaki

Zure on his way to 1st

Red on the way to 3rd.

Fuji san

We not going there bro!


Ahmad Faizal concentratin'


Were you part of this race? Wanna dispute your results? Join the chatter here in our FORUM!

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