The Infinity Pedal

Just when you think the egg-beaters are as skinny as they get, something else comes along and blows the egg-beaters out of the kitchen. A revolutionary bike pedal born from the need for function, simplicity and form. By MöBIUS CYCLING

Here it is the Infinity Pedal. Engineered and developed by Sam Hunter and being funded at Kickstarter.

Infinite Engagement Positions (IEP) (Notice how it is round not flat)
Self Guiding Engagement (SGE)

Float: 5 Deg
Release: 18 deg

Lightest combination of function and form on the market. Here is the weight, pedals, cleats, bolts and all. The titanium version will be around 190 g.
The engagement mechanism only has one moving part making it incredibly tough and you can rebuild it if it ever needs to be freshened up.


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