RaceSplitter- Best DIY race timing system on your iPhone

After our little race-timing confusion in our grassroots race last week, Fakawi Forum user Keng suggested that someone forks out some money for this little DIY timing system: the Racesplitter.

It's a nifty little app available only for iphone/ipads is the perfect DIY solution to race timing.

Once purchased at the App Store, DIY race organizers can use the app for any kind of racing imagined, be it Lumba Haram Time Trial interval races, Enduro style wave starts or just all-hell-breaks-loose Megavalanche mass starts.

The app cleverly handles racers' names and start lists easily and one can even divide racers into their own age/sex/skill categories.

No RFID chip to keep track of racers at the finishing line? No problem! A racer's number is keyed in when he/she approaches the finishing line. When they cross the line, just simply hit the record button.

Real time standings of the racers can also be displayed for easy at a glance reference.

All results are editable if there is dispute at the end of the race.

Looks like we will have to invest in one of these for our next lumba haram....

check em out at: http://racesplitter.com/ now!



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