Flying Solo- Middle Earth, Week 5

So week 4 went past pretty quick, sorry for the lack of updates but there was just too much going on at the time. We did the last round at Napier, then headed up to Auckland so Aaron could fly back to Malaysia and I stayed on in Auckland to sell the car.

Well the good news is that we sold the car, so the trip is on budget and all is well. I was originally supposed to fly back tomorrow but since there were no races going on back home, I decided to change my flights so I could attend Oceania's in Rotorua this weekend.



Napier round was pretty full on, it was on a new track which meant it got cut up pretty bad over practice and racing. Was definitely a learning curve even for me let alone Aaron. Having manned up and hit the 30ft doubles that were on the track and the big step down and the big finish line gap, the track started to change very quickly over practice.

Lines that i was hitting in the morning were totally unrideable come lunch time, that's where the crashing started. Our Team Asia friend from Japan had some big crashes, Junya broke is saddle and banged up his leg badly, Kazuki got a bit wild too and hit a tree really bad, sprained his ankle. Both of them unable to race the next race.

I had a few crashes too, had to find new lines after lunch time as the track was so beat up. Race tactics changed from going fast to just being able to hit all the lines well and clear the jumps. I was aiming for a top ten but the local riders are just too quick, ended up in 16th place, unable to improve on my 13th place from the weekend before.
Aaron hit a spectator on the track, he wasn't getting along with the track all weekend and that really summed up his weekend. Better luck next time. One bit of good news is I ended up 9th in the north island cup overall standings, not how i wanted to get my top ten but its still a top ten I guess, consistency pays off.

Now I am back in Taupo again in Greg's garage, I have somewhat grown fond of living in a garage. It's got the right mixture of being outdoors, simple and yet cosy. All prepared and ready for Rotorua, took off my spike tires and put on drys again. Otherwise the bike didn't need any other work, its been rock solid. Definitely starting to look forward to heading home, 5 weeks on the road and away from home. Mmmmmmm, roti chanai.......

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