New Zealand MTB DH Cup, round 5 2012- Long Gulley, Wellington

I didn't manage to get much practice done on practice day because I had a really stiff neck from a few days before, popped a few painkillers but didn't work as well. Adam managed to get in 8 practice runs and got up to speed with ease.

Seeding run - I didn't do well on my seeding run because I had a small problem with my brakes. Seeded 3 from last. Adam seeded 10th and was happy with it.


Final run - it was a huge mistake seeding towards the back of the category to my realization. I got held up on the upper sections with a rider in front of me. After over taking him, I thought I'd still be able to make up some time with pinning it harder but I overcooked a corner and washed out.

Finished 25th, with a time of 2.43.

Adam however managed to dial a clean run down all the way with a time of 2.26 that put him in 13th place.

It was a good race for the both of us as we learnt quite abit from this race. I definitely came out of the race with a lot more balls, having to deal with the speeds and huge jumps on the track.

Hoping for better luck next time around  at the next race in Napier this coming weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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