Pietermaritzburg 2014 UCI World Cup DH Results

Aaron Gwin took the top spot in a nail-biting run from Mic Hannah who was warming the hot seat from the start of the race. Saffa homeboy Greg Minaar came in at a close third. What was interesting was Aaron did it in an enduro bike fitted with DH forks, running 27.5" tyres...

21 year old Madison-Saracen rider from Wales, Manon Carpenter,  took her first World Cup win beating favorite Rachel Atherton who came in second. Jill Kintner came in third.

UCI MTB World Cup: Men's 1-8

UCI MTB DH World Cup 2014 Mens 9-16


UCI mtb DH Women's 1-8


watch the replay here on REDBULL.TV

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