2014 Victorian State Champs, Mt Beauty | Adam Faroze

Where do I start? First race of 2014, got sick of waiting around for races to happen locally. Local scene in South East Asia seems to have died a natural death. Far from race fit, I've been sitting behind a desk running a small aluminium boat company (Etamax Sdn Bhd).

There aren't any downsides to racing, even when not fully prepared (well except looking at your bank account when you get home) get a good result and it will be motivation to train harder, get a bad result and it will be a kick in the butt to train harder.

Arriving in Melbourne, Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad decided they weren't feeling very productive and left my bike box in Malaysia. Great start to the weekend as I arrived on the Friday and was driving to the race venue some 400km away that same day. Filled up the lost baggage forms and kept calling the baggage desk hourly like a clingy girl friend.

.... in tears at the airport lounge..

Was lucky to obtain a loaner FREERIDE! bike from Allen who I was staying with in Melbourne. Saturday practice was smooth, as smooth as you get doing the first two runs without a front brake. Don't ask, it just wasn't my weekend. Was able to hack job it, no, not using a massive hammer and get the brakes bled with some baby oil. Poor little Scythe was bottoming out all over the place.

 rocking the Banshee Scythe


The track was really long, the longest DH race I have done, was doing 10+ minute runs in practice. Track is 5.6km long, 655m vertical elevation and just under 8mins for the top elite riders in the finals.

Check out the video below to see what the track was like, it was basically a mixture of DH sections and very fast fire roads. Hitting over 60km/h on some of them. Take a look at my Strava record of the ride, the normal downhill track 'DH1' once you cross the uplift road is still a 3min track. At this point you would have been riding 5 mins at race pace already. My heart rate says it all.

Final run:
Have a click on the 'analysis' tab on the left to see other stats like speed and heart rate.

Had some luck on my side, my trusty Legend turned up Saturday evening. Some poor delivery driver had to do a 800km round trip to send it to me. Kudos to Air Asia for righting someone else's mistake.

Race day, very relaxed atmosphere at the race. Conditions were drying up, track getting a bit dusty. One dude in Elite decided to mix things up and race in a full on cookie monster suit, including the 4 finger gloves. Race run, was really hanging on at the bottom section, made a tiny mistake which cost me some time and kept me off the podium. This was state championships so podium was only to 3rd place. 0.5s off 3rd place sitting in 4th in Expert class, It will have to do for now.

With Under-19 cat winner, Jackson Davis

Still have a lot of work to do to strengthen my left arm and work on my overall fitness. Look out for more race updates, 10th of May, Ipoh rainforest challenge, , 1st June DH State Race, Nannup, Perth.

Huge shout out to the continual support through my injury:
Fakawi Bikes | Banshee BikesUnsprung/Deity | FJC

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