SoftWheel FLUENT wheel technology

As the first ever suspension technology designed specifically for the urban rider's day-to-day routine, the Fluent™ wheel provides superb comfort and total freedom to daily riders, allowing them to smoothly pass any obstacle while maintaining the ride efficient.

 Be it electric (eBike), pedaling-electric (PedElec) or manual, the patent pending design of the Fluent™ gives your bicycle full flexibility and allows you to choose your own route, without suffering the bouncy ride or energy loss (sweat or battery) of suspension designed for mountain biking.

 While burning the tarmac the Fluent™ rides rigid, and when encountering obstacles (curb, stairs, bump) the suspension mechanism comes to life to absorb more than half of the impact energy.




The Fluent™ provides 360° impact response, for optimal shock absorption from any direction.


The Fluent™ provides a smooth ride while saving your effort or battery life for propulsion only


The Fluent™ doesn't require provisions in the frame, and can be retrofitted to every make of bicycle. 





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