Kenyir MTB Challenge 2014 | Adam Faroze

Those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting Fakawi Chief, don't be fooled by his smiles and laughter, behind that facade of harmless fun is a ruthless slave driver. Why aren't the race videos done yet? Why isn't the race blog up yet, come on we need MOAR hits!
Race Day Video

 Kenyir MTB Challenge (Sempena Festival Kenyir 2014) came up last minute, I was ready and prepared to race Ipoh which falls on the same race weekend. [Look out for fakawi banshee team report on that one, they managed the fastest time for the whole race]. The slave driver that is Chief dictated I cover the Kenyir race and the boys cover the Ipoh race, a planned attack for total domination was at hand.


Not wanting to drive the 450km in my old lorry, I stripped out my Shoezuki™  back seats to make space for the downhill sled and some spares for a solo race weekend. Didn't have any accommodation planned either so made preparations to sleep in the car which i ended up doing. The East-West link was a gem of a driving road, I initially expected to break journey there and back, but it is such an engaging drive that I ended up doing it in one go. The shoe box was amazing too, I kept my self occupied on the windy roads which a strict regime of power on - turn in - lift off. Enjoying the lift-off over-steer. This kept me occupied for hours!


On the way up, I stopped off at Kampung Penarik, a place I used to frequent as a kid. Still a very special place after all these years.


Arrived at Kenyir, it turns out it was a huge month long festival where money was poured in by the bucket loads to try and win some browny points with the locals.
Race entrance was free, that's a first for me. The track is self was similar to previous years, check out the practice run video where I take you on a run down the dh track. I haven't raced there in nearly 8 years, doing the track walk sure brought back a lot of memories. Last time i was there was 2006, the last race before I went off to SUKMA. A real walk down memory lane as other little groms and grom-ettes are doing the same right now, off to SUKMA in a few weeks. 

Practice Run with Commentaries


Due to the lack of publicity on this race, it wasn't a stacked field of riders and all the big guns were down at Ipoh. I took home the win, didn't hold back as it is good training for the upcoming block of racing at the end of the month. 
Random Clips

Race Track Profile.. awesome eh?


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