Rainforest DH Challenge 2014, Ipoh

Inaugural RFDHC '14 Ipoh, Perak - It was wet… then dry… then wet… RAINFOREST DH CHALLENGE it is.

A brand New track at Taman Rimba Keledang Saiong, Great Support from Jabatan Hutan, Perak, Superb Location, 1500m of MTB potential. Epic wildlife. Crystal Clear River to soak in after each run. Tons of places to stay. Great food to be had!

All in all a great outing for the team with Razman taking the win in Open and also recoding the fastest time of the weekend (3'16'), Aaron taking 3rd in Elite and 5th for me.  See everyone again next year!

Back to you Adam!

Music: Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots

Camerawork by: Ramizu Daud of KMF <- Thx a bunch Mizu! Our GoPro is dead! Big shout out to Azman & Ben!

team Rider Razman: Winner in Open Category and Fastest track Time


Team rider, Aaron 3rd place in Elite Category


Team manager Red 5th in Masters Category


Team race machines: Banshee Darkside, Banshee Rune and Banshee Legends

 more great race pictures here on Facebook

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