Crisp Brakes

New brake caliper that looks like a cross between a regular brake caliper and a V-brake spotted in Kickstarter!


Claims by the designer:

  • Crisp Brake is a new and a much better brake than everything that is on the market right now. It is stronger, lighter, easier to use, look after and install.
  • Crisp Brake MTB uses mineral oil which is known to be easier to use, bleed, and does not corrode your paintwork.
  • Crisp Brake MTB uses the post mount standard, and bolts straight on using your existing disk.
  • Crisp Brake is suitable for all disk sizes from 160mm and up.
  • Manufactured in Perth, Western Australia you are getting a slight cost increase but the quality of our product can be controlled throughout the entire process.
  • Set and forget reliability


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