The new Banshee Phantom

Took the new Banshee Phantom out for a long XC jungle exploratory ride this morning.

The Phantom is Banshee Bike's new 29er full-suspension "XC" offering. Banshee frame designer/engineer, Keith Scott, cleverly created this 105mm KS-link suspension optimized bike perfect for aggressive trail style riding.

It's touted as a Short Travel 29er with attitude. The Phantom is intended to be ridden hard and fast while providing the rider with phenomenal trail feedback and sensation of speed.

My bike was built with some basic components I had left over from an old Paradox hardtail project. It had a (gasp!) 3 ring crankset and some basic x7 gruppo and pretty bombproof SUN-Ringle wheelset.

Nevertheless, I was blown away by how efficient the short travel KS link 105mm rear tackles the trails in the climbs and the descends.

Riding The Phantom feels like being on Banshee's Rampant bike..only this time, it's rolling on fast but super lively wagon wheels.

This bike, with its new skool geometry and the KS "FlipTheChip" rear module, has one of the slackest head angle compared to most weenie XC bikes. It's the bike for riders who ride XC/ trail aggressively.

It's going to our Fakawi team rider Adam tomorrow so we'll see what he says about the bike.


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