Middle Earth, Week 2

Second week in Middle Earth, did our first race, slowly getting used to the weather and no more jet lag. Been heading down to Lake Taupo after practice days at Rotorua, there is a hot beach where hot water seeps out of the sand.

Was amazing, dug our own little hot pools. When you get too warm you just jump into the cold lake, was the ultimate game of hot cold hot cold, great for aching bodies too!
The lake is amazing, clear water like I have never seen before. The lake is the size of Singapore and all of it is drinking water, in the video below you can see the locks opening to realise water to hydro-electric powers stations down stream.


Aaron being quite scared of the cold was not man enough to get into the lake, all the action is caught in the video.
One thing in common the woods here have with Malaysian rain forest is the cicadas, but man are they loud here! All that background hissing in the videos you can hear is from them. Kept my ears ringing even after I get back home.

So this is going to be the last you hear from us for the next week or so, we will be soon driving down to wellington so no more internet connection from Casa del Grig. Will be living out of our car for the next few days, we took out the rear seats to leave more space for the bikes and being able to recline the front seats flat to sleep in.

There is a short segment in the video showing our sleeping arrangement for the past week, has been great being able to sleep on beds, bikes in the same room, perfect. Big thanks to Greg Larsen for putting us up, we will be heading back to Greg's after Wellington.

Enjoy the video below and till next time!

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