Western Australia State DH Race round 3, Nannup | Adam Faroze

2014 PDMBC Downhill State Series Round 3, Nannup,Western Australia.  The first of my 3 weeks of back to back racing.

Flew in to Perth on Monday. It was going to be a long trip this time around. Paul ( who runs the WA race series) hooked me up with a place to stay and I came down early to help out with the race preparations. It was great to see how they run their races and to be a part of it this time around.

The organizers are a very dedicated group of people who give their time and come together to run an amazing series of races. Something that is almost alien to Asia is that they run races with no sponsorship, all money required to run the races is from registration fee, no silly goody bags, no prize money, no lucky draws, no silly frills to 'draw' riders in. It's simple, just good tracks and good racing.

Saturday full day practice with quick turn arounds on the uplifts, seeding and finals on sunday with 30 second intervals and able to finish racing by 3pm. I'd like to see that in Asia one day!

This trip was just what the doctor ordered, we were able to do a spot of riding on the Thursday before we prepared the race trail, on another hill called Tank 7. It was a huge trip down memory lane, tight tracks in pine forest, very similar to what I used to ride back in university. Nannup DH track proved to be similar and in pine forest, a good mixture of steep, off camber sections, big rock gardens, fast sections. If the rocks didn't get you, the tree and tree roots would. 

Rain on Saturday night changed the track quite a bit, all day Saturday it was running really good and this bit of moisture changed things up. Sunday started off as a slop fest, the track quickly drying up as the day progressed. My seeding run was a bit sketchy but still managed to qualify on top in expert category, finals I was able to put down a cleaner run and push a bit harder in the improving conditions. I was able to take the win in expert category and come 7th overall, pretty happy with the result.

 Full results : HERE

Here's to hoping the next 2 weekends will be as rewarding. 
Big thanks to Paul and his family for putting me up with a place to stay and their warm hospitality, not forgetting the rest of the PDMBC crew who made this trip a memorable one.
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