The Grumpy Cyclist Is Now Fakawi Team Sponsor!

We at Fakawi Banshee are really excited to announce a great new partnership with The Grumpy Cyclist, KL’s first cyclist-friendly café.

The Grumpy Cyclist will be the Team’s Title Sponsor for the next 12 months.


Located so close to Kiara, the team now have a great base to hang out and chill at and also a place we can call home… well for the next 12 months anyway. We start our rides here and we end it here. So pop on by our team facebook site. Drop us a line and join us for a ride. Be it DH or AM. Keep up ya.

Ever since it first opened for business, everyone was wondering how the h%$# are they going to make money, the writer included. Well… I think the community have really embraced The Grumpy Cyclist. Pop on over and have a chat with us about mtb and cycling or catch the Tour de France or any of the UCI World Cup MtB races and many more…

A cycling friendly café does not only provide good facilities but great facilities like bike racks & stands for you to keep your bike while having your breakie, lunch or din din (no more peeking outside to make sure your bike is safe - just roll it in) They also have a really cool shower where u can quickly clean up after a ride. Perfect for pre work Kiara rides + a quick meal.


See ya at The Grumpy Cyclist. Stay tuned for Kiara night rides during Ramadhan.





Manager - The grumpy Cyclist Fakawi Banshee



A bit about The Grumpy Cyclist from The Grumpy Cyclist:


Pedaling proudly into the heart of Taman Tun, The Grumpy Cyclist is KL’s first cyclist-friendly café. The neighbourhood has a strong cycling community traversing from all corners of TTDI through the riding trails in Bukit Kiara and challenging climbs along the Bukit Damansara tarmac. Whether you are craving snacks to stave off your hunger pangs from your long ride or you just want to sit somewhere and enjoy a good hearty meal along with an aromatic cup of coffee, The Grumpy Cyclist is your go-to place. 


The Grumpy Cyclist isn’t your average café around TTDI. The pleasure of this cycle café are the details of the décor like the bicycle chainring ashtrays, sprockets cemented into the floors, bicycle handlebars as door handles, and wheel ceiling lamps. And, what’s a cycle café without bicycles in it right? The bicycles found in the café are not just décor as they are fully functional limited edition masterpieces – just ask the baristas. 


The café also organizes regular night rides, where the café turns into a meeting and end point for the ride. What more, there is a shower area for the cyclists to really cool down after a long ride. 


The other highlight of the café is undeniably the multi-functional container space embedded in the cafe. The container is modular to hold extra seats for customers who want their own privacy, as well as a “Bike Kitchen” where Bike Spa services, Bike Builds and in the near future, exclusive merchandises will be made available. Bicycle racks are readily available for cyclists who need to park their bikes while enjoying their cuppa. 


Despite the apparent bicycle theme, the café specializes in coffee. The baristas take pride in this third wave coffee exercise and every one of them has a friendly disposition. The kitchen serves delicious and hearty meals from ‘The Gran Fondo’, to wraps and the basic snack of a bowl of fries. 



If coffee isn’t what you need to quench your thirst, the bar also squeezes countless cups of fresh juice daily and also their signature refreshment, Pinarello (ask the baristas). 



Everyone who cycles understands that at the very heart of the dear beloved sport are the fundamental components of coffee and food. Taking a break after a ride is an essential part of the life of the cyclist as it not only gives the weary legs a break, but it also enables cyclists to chat over a cup of coffee to share their adventures, and The Grumpy Cyclist is the perfect place to start or finish your ride at. Whilst The Grumpy Cyclist takes their cycling endeavours very seriously, a comfortable ambience is also considered for all who visit the café. 



For more information, check out or Facebook ‘The Grumpy Cyclist’ or Instagram ‘The Grumpy Cyclist

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