Fakawi IKEA GoPro Chestie Hack

The idea just came to me last night when I was rummaging for some midnight snack in the kitchen.

There I was, carbo loading on chips for this morning's bike ride and the IKEA BEVARA plastic bag clips on the packet of chips just screamed "Hack me!!"

So, presenting.... the DIY Fakawi IKEA cheap-ass GoPro chestie mount that requires no chesty "bra straps".


This is what you need:


Get these BEVARA clips from your local Swedish furniture joint.. They come in assorted colours and 2 sizes: the 2" and 4" clips.

I used the 4" ones cos they have a better bite and clip better...

Get hold of some strong epoxy glue..

Proceed to glue two pieces of the 4" clips side by side... sand down the surfaces so they stick.. like so:

Sit all night and watch the glue dry.....

Find one of these GoPro mounting stick on thingys... should have a few lying around..

In the mean time, mount your GoPro to one of these J-Hook buckles. It faces the camera forward, close to your chest.

Finally, when the glue is all dry, stick the sticky mount thingy to your twin clips like so..

How to use the Fakawi IKEA cheapass Chestie mount:

Clip it anywhere... I find the left backpack strap in the front a good spot to clamp the unit. it's away from the hydration hose and does not get in the way when biking.



Video of first ride with the hack... ENJOY!!!






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