ASEAN MTB Cup #2 Kundasang, Sabah // Malaysian National Championships 2104

 16th August 2014, Kundasang, Sabah Rd2, ASEAN MTB Cup 2014 Malaysian National MTB Championships What a weekend we had for the team and also our twin program, Adam’s Sketchy Racing Program. Seems we do well when we are racing with Adam.


Video Edited by Aaron Chan


Well, me at least. We heard it was pedaly, a fresh track that was recently cut and that the weather was holding up… Well, until we got there. Absolutely typical! Hahaha… There we were at scenic Mt. Kinabalu and it was pissing it everyday. By 1 or 2pm everyday, the rain visits us and at this altitude, the temperature gets cold and the wet bits remain wet.

Located at the foot of Mt. Kinabalu, we start off at 1765m above sea level. Immediately we knew the fresh track is not gonna hold up too well especially with the rain. Whatever… it’s a race and everyone has to race the same track… A 2.5km track at high altitude is going to be hard (esp on the lungs). Its not the best track we have raced on but considering the work behind the scenes to get permission and short time to build, I would just say, it should be better for the future. The drops to flat… I hate them!

Practice went well initially until Aaron had an awkward crash. We were practicing taking the inside line to all the highway berms and I think he must have snapped a chain and went OTB as there was nothing around that could have cause him to crash. In any case, AC had a deep gash on his right arm that required 8 stitches. Weekend not looking good for AC.

Seeding Adam was aiming for the top Malaysian spot, Razman aiming to make a comeback from Dengue while AC was trying to make up for what has been a bad start for him with that crash.I was just looking at a podium spot in the Master B cat. But we know I sandbag during seeding.

Finals It rained almost the whole time after seeding and conditions were different. Yes there were grip to be found but the highway was littered with little rocks the was washed from above during the heavy deluge. I went out for a practice run and could immediately feel that we’d have to be careful on the highway as it was a little bit harder to hold the line not to mention the swimming pool that is now all over the place. Hehehe.

9:18am I went off first for Master B. Deciding to ride it safe rather than risk it, I had one little tumble at the steep section but was quick to recover. It was clear everyone was having trouble with the conditions when I overtook a rider and soon came up to another losing some time stuck behind him. 3rd Spot for Asean MTB Cup and I am stoked. 1 second off 2nd place. I’ll take that! I was particularly super stoked to be told that I am also the 2014 Malaysian MTB DHI Master National Champion. Boo Yah!

Aaron was up next and less than a minute into his run, we heard over the radio that AC was down and DNS. I got word soon after that he was ok. Well, That was AC’s weekend over. As soon as he got his ass down doing a Gwin riding his bare rear rim, we also discovered that his pedal is smashed into 2. Only one half on the crank.

Razman’s run was quick enough for 4th in the National Championships standings but similar to Aaron, he had an off and landed in some bushes that had those thorns. Not a race to remember.

Adam’s run was as planned, actually took a few chicken lines that was less risky and at some points maybe a wee bit faster than the drops to flat into a muddy pool that caused many rides to crash. Good enough for 5th in the Asean MTB Cup and also the fastest Malaysian on the day which makes him our 2014 National MTB DHI Champion.

Looking forward to race the full ASEAN MTB Cup in 2015. It should be fun! It was also great to meet up with all our friends and make some new ones! You know who you are!

Catch up soon!


Overall results:

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