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Fakawi IKEA GoPro Chestie Hack

The idea just came to me last night when I was rummaging for some midnight snack in the kitchen.

There I was, carbo loading on chips for this morning's bike ride and the IKEA BEVARA plastic bag clips on the packet of chips just screamed "Hack me!!"

So, presenting.... the DIY Fakawi IKEA cheap-ass GoPro chestie mount that requires no chesty "bra straps".

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Jackson and Rose DH Tandem, New Zealand

Some great riding on a home-built tandem - not words that usually go together! This is no usual tandem team though, and no usual tandem bike either. With all-mountain angles and 200mm of suspension travel, Jackson and Rose can ride it almost as hard as a normal bike. After watching this, you'll want to find yourself a full suspension tandem and have a go.
The track is Cheesy DH at Craigieburn in Canterbury, New Zealand.

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AirDog: World's First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera

AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts who use GoPro cameras.

Like its canine namesake, AirDog automatically follows you wherever you go, whatever you do. It’s not bothered by pelting rain, freezing temps, massive waves, or freaking insane places. AirDog doesn’t say “no.” It just follows, flying right along.

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The new Banshee Phantom

Took the new Banshee Phantom out for a long XC jungle exploratory ride this morning.

The Phantom is Banshee Bike's new 29er full-suspension "XC" offering. Banshee frame designer/engineer, Keith Scott, cleverly created this 105mm KS-link suspension optimized bike perfect for aggressive trail style riding.

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